St. Richard Parish

May God's Grace Be With You

Saturday: 4:30PM

Sunday: 7:30AM; 9:00AM; 11:00AM.

Weekday: 8:00AM Mon-Fri.

Reconciliation: 4:00PM Sat

Welcome To

St. Richard Parish

located in Danvers MA

90 Forest Street

Danvers MA 01923

(978) 978-774-7575

50 years fb

Parish Staff


Rev. Bruce Flannagan



Tania Malone

Administrative Asst.



Sandra Ciruolo

Religious Ed. Director, Gr 1-10



Colleen Newbury

Religious Ed. Youth Director



Brenda Myers

Liturgical Music Director

(978) 500-1726


Victoria Woodley and Larry Kucy

RCIA Directors, 774-7575


Altie Nichols  Secretary/Receptionist, 774-7575

Parish Bulletins

For a complete archive of our parish bulletins, please click here.

Did you know...

There are 68.2 million Catholics in the United States (22% of the U.S. population), and 1.07 billion Catholics in the world (17% of the population).


Annual Pancake Breakfast, Sunday Feb. 3rd

2018 Holy Days of Obligation 


- Thursday, May 10 - Ascension of Jesus


- Wednesday, August 15 - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


- Thursday, November 1 - All Saints' Day


- Saturday, December 8 - Feast of the Immaculate Conception


- Tuesday, December 25 - Christmas

Commitment To Parish Life Program

The Commitment to Parish Life Program is a transformative program for Catholic parishes designed to ensure the viability and sustainability of parish life through sustained offertory and enhanced ministerial engagement based on the Stewardship model of giving of Time, Talent and Treasure.


Your time, and talent, is most valuable to us as a Parish Family.  St. Richard’s is pleased to offer over 35 different Ministries that would welcome your participation, from Offertory Counters to Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors and Sacramental educators and so many more.


With regard to giving of your Treasures, the Offertory Commitment program is designed to allow you to consider making an individual annual commitment to support the Parish to ensure the challenges and expenses we face as a Parish are met in a timely manner.  Your commitment can be fulfilled weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, whatever works best for your family budget.  The Offertory Commitment program allow the parish to project, in advance of the weekly collections, the anticipated revenue for the year and make budgetary plans according.


To request a Commitment to Parish Life information packet, please submit the form below: